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Belief System
Prem Rawat AKA Maharaji

Denials of Belief

It has been a consistent contention of Prem Rawat and his followers that what Rawat teaches has nothing to do with 'belief' that it is wholly 'experiential'. Despite this claim of 'no belief', prior to initiation anyone seeking to be taught the Knowledge meditation techniques must adopt many beliefs about Prem Rawat in order to negotiate the 'aspirant' process that Rawat calls 'The Keys'.  The Keys are only part of a very comprehensive belief system which exists throughout the Prem Rawat movement, although outside of Prem Rawat's often contradictory speeches, it has no supporting liturgy, prescribed text or publicly acknowledged historical reference.

To become a follower of Prem Rawat, it is necessary to hold two incontrovertible beliefs.

The first belief is that each individual has an 'inner world' which is a source of secret reward. Prem Rawat most frequently refers to this 'inner world' as "your heart", by which he means not the emotional centre of a person, but rather an ill defined mystical reality.

The second belief is that Prem Rawat uniquely, has the power to take the individual to that 'inner world' and that it is impossible for a person to find their "heart" unaided by Prem Rawat.

The message contained within these two core beliefs can be summarised as: The essence of your own humanity lies within yourself (the "heart") but that you are blocked from touching that "heart" by the everyday chatter and uncontrolled thoughts and feelings that swirl about inside you. Prem Rawat refers to this chatter as "the mind" and " the "doubt maker" .

To overcome this 'block' to your 'inner world', to be able to "find your heart", Prem Rawat prescribes the meditation which he variously calls Knowledge, or Self Knowledge. The meditation is described under the Four Techniques.

Once an individual has adopted these basic beliefs they may further adopt a series of consequent beliefs which can be characterised as Rawatism. Predominant amongst the beliefs of Rawatism is the doctrine of 'the master is always needed'. This belief follows from the "mind" problem where the follower finds that even the Rawat meditation is inadequate to the task of permanently stilling conscious thought and that only listening to the words of the master (Prem Rawat), provides the impetus to reach the "peace" of ones "heart".

Although the religious practices that once supported the Rawat belief system have been excised from public presentation, many of Prem Rawat's remaining followers continue to pursue a devotional attachment to Rawat in private. Organisations which promote Prem Rawat sell 'inspirational' photographs of Prem Rawat as well as recorded music which is 'devotional' in style. The use of pictures of Prem Rawat as 'altar pieces' and the playing of devotional style songs as a liturgy still is a current practice among Rawat's followers. In addition many followers continue to rely on the 'history' of the transference of 'guruship to Prem Rawat from his father as an explanation of Prem Rawat's special status.

Prem Rawat's followers maintain that they follow no belief system whatsoever, that theirs is a wholly empirical approach based on the truth of the experience of meditation and, although this is less frequently specified, the experience of Prem Rawat's presence and words. Thus when asked what do you believe? a Rawat follower may well answer that they do not believe in Prem Rawat or his 'Knowledge' but rather that 'they Know '.

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Maharaji (Prem Rawat) on stage portraying Krishna.


The time is coming nearer and nearer. For the bombs will explode. There will be great famine and thunder. Many of these terrible events will happen. Many people will die. Those people who'll be unto the ark, which is Light, who will be in the shelter of that ark, which is Light, will be left. Otherwise everybody will be finished. Everybody will just finish. This is what Jesus has prophesied, that at the time when the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer and nearer, in­credible things will happen and then there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven.
God Himself will come to be the president  or the ruler of the whole universe and it win be far out. So get ready, prepare yourselves. Make this Knowledge a shield to protect yourself from all those bumps.

Prem Rawat Toronto, October 1971

Being here in this world is the greatest Grace .... Being in this world with Guru Maharaj JI ... I don't think there is anything left in heaven.

Prem Rawat, 1970s

I have been given a gift. I have had this gift since I was very young. I used to speak before my father would come out to begin his talks. Other times, my father would ask me to get up and speak, and as he looked at me, he would become very, very happy. This gift has been there for a long time.

Prem Rawat, from "Conversations with Rawat" on, Copyright 2003, The Prem Rawat Foundation